Updated February 23, 2015.students

The dealine for applying for the Proton Onsite Scholarship has passed. The last day to apply was February 20, 2015.

Thank you for your interest in the Proton OnSite Scholarship Program.

The Proton OnSite scholarship program has been successful in supporting future leaders in science and technology, through college scholarships. A restructuring of the program, and one that focuses on a contest aspect, builds on that history while broadening the potential number of entries. Therefore, we are seeking participants who demonstrate passion, drive, curiosity and DIY initiative in applying science and technology to solve real world situations with a broad-reaching program.

About the Scholarship Program

The Proton OnSite Scholarship Program is fueling the next generation of scientific innovation by recognizing and awarding high school seniors who can find new and creative ways for generating and/or using hydrogen powered by renewable and sustainable energy sources such as sun or wind.


After receiving outstanding applications and ideas from over 30 states in 2014, the Proton OnSite Scholarship Committee awarded a $100,000 scholarship.

The $100,000 award recipient for 2014 was: 

Albert Halbing- from Merritt Island, Florida. Albert is currently attending Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School



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